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Skirmish Season 8 has arrived and it's time to see how the newest arrivals from Bright Lights fair in the fast and furious world of Blitz. 

This being the eighth Skirmish season means it is time to pull together your best or favorite Blitz deck and prepare for the fast-paced battle that happens with 40 cards and a 20 point life total. As a Blitz event this will be a young hero format, so only young heroes may be played at this event. Any adjudicators, Yorick, Taylor and Ruud'i are all illegal to use for play, in addition to Viserai, Oldhim and Iyslander who have all been retired due to reaching living legend status. Each deck must be exactly 40 cards to be legal with up to 12 additional slots for sideboard, weapons and equipment. The hero token itself does not count for or against your total card count. Check here for information about card legality: https://fabtcg.com/.../rules-and.../card-legality-policy/ .

Rounds will be best of one and 35 minutes in length. The number of rounds will be determined by the number of players and there will be a top cut to determine a winner. The winner will receive an "Ironsong Versus" Playmat, and a Cold-foil "Teklo Core". 2nd Place will also receive an "Ironsong Versus" Playmat and each player will receive a rainbow-foil "Mechanical Strength" promo with 2 additional Cold-foil "Teklo Core" promos being raffled off to 2 random players. Additionally each player gets two booster packs with their entry as well as additional booster packs going to the top-8 players.

Entry: $20

Time/Date: December 10th, 1:00 PM

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