Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn Beginner Event @Goin' Gaming

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A magical flood of ink is unleashed from the Great Illuminary and sets the stage for the next chapter of Disney Lorcana TCG.

Have you tried Disney Lorcana yet? If not, this is a great place to start. Come on in and use a preconstructed beginner deck to play with this brand new set.

Event: Lorcana Beginner Deck Event
Dates/Times: Saturday, 11/18 Reg starts @4:30pm and Thursday, 11/30 Reg starts @ 5:30pm 
Cost: $40
Format: Begin your adventure with a brand new Starter Deck! Let's learn to play with 3 friendly Swiss rounds
Prizing: 2 packs awarded at the end of the final round
Capacity: Event limited to 16 participants

Registration can be done online in advance at:

If you haven't created an account for organized play, create an account here: https://melee.gg

Learn about the lore here: https://www.disneylorcana.com/en-US/story/

League points to be awarded:
1 pt for attending the month
1 pt for each round played
1 pt for each round won
1 pt for bringing a new player
1 pt for getting into the Disney spirit with wearables!
1 pt for pin trading
2 pts for teaching a new player during league
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