Star Wars Unlimited: Shadows of the Galaxy Prerelease Event @Goin' Gaming Thurs 7/11 @ 6pm

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Enter a galaxy of unlimited possibilities with the first set of Star Wars™: Unlimited! Shadows of the Galaxy largely focuses on the conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. 

In this fast-paced, easy-to-learn trading card game (TCG), you and your opponent face off in exciting head-to-head battles featuring tons of iconic Star Wars characters. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, a card game fan, or both, Star Wars: Unlimited is a game that anyone can enjoy. 

Prerelease kit provides a player with everything they may need to participate in a prerelease sealed tournament, including six booster packs, two promo cards, quickstart rules, damage counters, a deckbuilding guide, and a deckbox. How does it work?

Each player gets 2 packs for prizing!

Get signed up for the player portal here! Check out the rules for more info.

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