Lorcana Ursula's Return Championship Event @Discs & Dice

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You can become a Lorcana Champion! Join us for our Ursula's Return Lorcana Championship event.

Entry fee: $30 Tickets go on sale on Sunday, 6/30/24 either in store or online: https://www.troutdalegames.com/events/discs-dice/

Event Date/Time: Sunday, July 28th Registration 10am-1045am, Rounds start at 11am Players that have not checked in by 10:45am will be considered a no show.

Format: Constructed (Core) Each player must bring one deck to the event which they have built ahead of time. Constructed decks must contain at least 60 cards. There is no maximum deck size, but a player must be able to shuffle their deck in a timely manner without assistance. Cards should be sleeved in matching opaque card sleeves. Constructed decks must not contain cards from more than two ink colors. Constructed decks must not contain more than four of a single card as identified by its full English card name. Character cards with different subtitles are considered different cards for purposes of this rule. Cards from The First Chapter, Rise of the Floodborn, Into the Inklands, and Ursula's Return are legal for play in this tournament. You must use the same deck for the duration of the event.

Structure: Swiss-style tournament, 55-minute rounds, 2 game matches. The number of rounds in the tournament will be dependent on the number of attendees.

8 (minimum) players: 3 rounds

9-16 players: 4 rounds + Top 4

17-24 players: 5 rounds + Top 8

With more than 8 players we will do a top cut for a single elimination bracket playoff which will be best of 3 matches, after the first four or five rounds of play, depending on attendance.

Capacity: 24 player cap


One Pack for participation

Pack per win for Swiss rounds

Two Packs per win for Top Cut rounds

1st place: "Champion" Ursula Playmat, 'Ursula - Sea Witch' Alt Art Promo

2nd place: Ursula Playmat, 'Ursula - Sea Witch' Alt Art Promo

3rd & 4th place: Store logo'd playmat, 'Ursula - Sea Witch' Alt Art Promo

For paper printouts generated for this tournament, participants' names will be displayed using their full real names, irrespective of their profile's name display settings. This specification applies solely to printed materials.

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Please Note: Refunds for events may be requested up to 48 hours prior to event start time by emailing [email protected]. A 25% processing fee (minimum $5) will be deducted from the original payment method upon approved refund. *Event no shows will not receive a refund.*

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